VOLTTRON™ 10 Modular Updates

An overview presentation of updates in VOLTTRON™ 10.0. 

VOLTTRON Visual Consequence Profile

A visual consequence profile for a hypo-crime adversary.

VOLTTRON Adversary Dossier
Adversary Dossier - Report

The dossier summarizes abuse case analysis of VOLTTRON within the adversarial context of a cyber-criminal organization.

VOLTTRON™ Threat Profile for VOLTTRON Version 8.0 - Report

This Threat Profile provides critical information for making threat-based decisions to increase security at a reasonable cost and to reduce risk.  Readers can use the Threat Profile to decide...

Application of Configuration Management Approaches to Deployment of the VOLTTRON™ Platform - Report

This report reviews approaches for the deployment of the VOLTTRON™ building control

platform. It focuses on the competing priorities of scalability, repeatability, and simplicity by

Message Bus Usage Recommendations - User Guide

 This document describes ZeroMQ (ZMQ) and RabbitMQ (RMQ) as used in VOLTTRON™ and discusses the most appropriate message bus choice for a specific VOLTTRON™ deployment use case.

ACE IoT Threat Profile – June 2020 - Report

 Provides a foundation for a thorough understanding of possible threats as well as mitigations that have been implemented, or can be implemented.  This Threat Profile focuses on open network...

VOLTTRON™ Threat Profile for VOLTTRON™ Version 7.0 - May 2020 - Report

Establishes security requirements, justifies security measures, and yields actionable controls for VOLTTRON™ deployments; aids in communicating risk to decision makers, development teams.

Secure Software Central: The VOLTTRON™ Case - Report

This report describes the Secure Software Central (SSC) offerings in general and the specific offerings applied to VOLTTRON™.

VOLTTRON™ Community Security Report - Report

This Community Security Report outlines the process for developing a Threat Profile, discusses results of the campus deployment Threat Profile, and describes preliminary Threat Findings for two...

VOLTTRON™ Threat Profile for VOLTTRON™ Version 6.0 and 5.0 - May 2019. - Report

Establishes security requirements, justifies security measures, and yields actionable controls for VOLTTRON™ deployments; aids in communicating risk to decision makers, development teams.

Security Features of VOLTTRON™ Distributed Sensing and Control Platform (2017) - Report

VOLTTRON™ enables rapid authoring and secure deployment of autonomous software agents for distributed sensing and controls. It is designed to be as secure as possible to meet desired security...

VOLTTRON™ Deployment and Scalability - Report

Throughout Fiscal Years (FY) 2016 and early 2017, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and Oak Ridge National Laboratory investigated the effects of scaling on VOLTTRON™ and its components...

VOLTTRON™ Documentation - User Guide

This resource serves as a user guide for the deployment of the...

The VOLTTRON™ Platform - Brochure

VOLTTRON™ is an open source distributed control and sensing software platform. Cost effective, scalable and secure, this technology improves the control of heating, ventilation and air...

Transactive Control of Commercial Building HVAC Systems - Report

This document details the development and testing of market-based transactive controls for commercial building heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems. These controls are intended to...

Coordination and Control of Flexible Building Loads for Renewable Integration - Report

Renewable energy resources such as wind and solar power have a high degree of uncertainty. Large-scale integration of these variable generation sources into the grid is a big challenge for power...

Behind the Meter Grid Services: Intelligent Load Control - Report

This report describes how the intelligent load control (ILC) algorithm can be implemented to achieve peak demand reduction while minimizing impacts on occupant comfort. The algorithm was designed...

VOLTTRON™: A New Tool for Improving Energy Efficiency in Buildings - Brochure

Descriptions of how VOLTTRON™ can be used to enable improved control of building operations and energy efficiency.

VOLTTRON™: A Secure Tool for Achieving Energy Efficiency - Brochure

A summary of VOLTTRON™'s cutting-edge security features.

VOLTTRON™: Integrating Distributed Energy Resources with the Grid - Brochure

Descriptions of how VOLTTRON™ can be used to improve integration of distributed energy resources and stabilize power grid operations.

VOLTTRON™: Tech-to-Market Best-Practices Guide for Small- and Medium-Sized Commercial Buildings - Report

Provides a basic description of VOLTTRON™ capabilities, examines initial deployment activities and provides a best practice technology adoption guide for use by entities serving the small- and...

VOLTTRON 2016 - Report

VOLTTRON™ is a flexible, reliable, and scalable platform for distributed control and sensing. VOLTTRON serves in four primary roles:

 - A reference platform for researchers to quickly...

VOLTTRON™ Overview - Brochure

VOLTTRON™, developed at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, is a distributed control and sensing software platform.

Transaction-Based Building Controls Framework, Volume 2: Platform Descriptive Model and Requirements - Report

Given the distributed nature of the power grid—with millions of components operating independently and without context of their environments—centralized control is difficult and cost orohibitive...

Transaction-Based Building Controls Framework, Volume 1: Reference Guide - Report

Buildings consume 40% of the total energy in the U.S. and over 70% of the nation’s total electricity today. Concerted efforts on both federal and state level have contributed to the flattening of...

Volttron: An Agent Platform for the Smart Grid - Manuscript

VOLTTRON™ platform enables the deployment of intelligent sensors and controllers in the smart grid and provides a stable, secure and flexible framework that expands the sensing and control...