VOLTTRON™ provides a versatile, secure and efficient environment for connecting data, devices and decision-making based on user needs and preferences. While the initial market focus of this technology was on power grid and buildings, users are now applying the platform in ways not originally envisioned. VOLTTRON™ continues to demonstrate its ability to deliver business solutions in multiple market areas.

Building Operations and Efficiency

VOLTTRON™ capabilities improve control and operation of building devices and systems, leading to enhanced performance and energy efficiency.

Connecting the power system and utilities with the functions that improve home livability, VOLTTRON™ plays a key role in helping to manage wiser, more efficient use of energy resources.
Connected Homes

Whether it involves control of thermostats, lighting, hot water or other functions, VOLTTRON™ is a secure solution that can help turn today’s house into tomorrow’s connected home, enabling features that result in improved energy efficiency, cost savings and convenience.  

VOLTTRON™, with Modbus and BACnet implementations, enables gathering and dispositioning of data.
Data Management

VOLTTRON™ offers a cost-effective method for gathering, analyzing and managing data from any type of device.

VOLTTRON enables effective, secure coordination of distributed energy resources, including solar generation and batteries
Distributed Energy Resources

VOLTTRON™ enables secure coordination of building energy loads and distributed energy resources, such as generation from solar panels or storage from batteries, with the power grid. This coordination offers significant new flexibility to the grid and supports large-scale integration of renewable generation.

The VOLTTRON™ platform is being used in ways not originally envisioned.
Marketplace Solutions

VOLTTRON™ provides a flexible and secure open-source platform for molding solutions in any field involving devices, data and decisions.