Inexpensive, small-scale computers—such as the
Raspberry Pi—can have VOLTTRON™ installed as
a controller.

Finally, a flexible, scalable, economical and secure software platform to operate the Internet of Things!

VOLTTRON™, developed at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and available as an open-source tool, provides an environment where data and devices connect seamlessly and securely to make decisions based on user needs and preferences.

Business, research and academic communities agree that VOLTTRON™ is an important and versatile resource for improving building system performance and creating a more flexible and reliable power grid. But the technology’s adaptability has significantly expanded its potential beyond buildings and the grid; users are applying the platform in ways not originally envisioned.

VOLTTRON™ is open source and publicly available from GitHub, and its ongoing development benefits from a highly collaborative approach. The U.S. Department of Energy views the technology as a central component of buildings-grid integration, and provides funding support. Updates and other advances are carried out by a PNNL research team working in concert with an active nationwide community of users.

Additional information is available in the User Guide and Related Materials below.