August, 2017

SES Consulting Inc's Brad White and Nigel David describe the VOLTTRON platform and the advantages of open source.

July, 2017

Rocky Mountain Institute's James Mandel and Chris McClurg write that building controls are "moving in the right" direction with developments such as VOLTTRON.

June, 2017

VOLTTRON 4.1 upgrades the platform to add aliases and new scripts and commands. VOLTTRON Central was upgraded to add a Device Configuration UI. Historians and drivers were also improved, and new core agents were added.

May, 2017

Ken Sinclair describes VOLTTRON and the history behind the name.

January, 2017

Article highlights University of Toledo and Case Western University use of VOLTTRON as part of the Clean Energy and Transactive Campus project, led by PNNL.

November, 2016

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory director, Steven Ashby, pens Thanksgiving-themed article that highlights VOLTTRON.

October, 2016

Applications and commands have been broken out, the Configuration Store was updated for dynamic updates to agent configurations, and the VOLTTRON configuration wizard allows for more agent setups.

September, 2016

The Rochester Institute of Technology recaps the VOLTTRON-using project developed by Lourdes Gutierrez and Priyank Kapadia.