PNNL Helps Build Connected Communities
October, 2021

VOLTTRON™ will be one of the capabilities deployed in two Department of Energy projects focused on connected homes and buildings.

Energy Technologies Move Closer to Commercial Use
June, 2021

The Department of Energy funds two projects designed to advance the application of the VOLTTRON™ technology.

Transactive Energy: Negotiating New Terrain
November, 2020

VOLTTRON™ is set to play a central role in a transactive energy project in Spokane, Wash. 

VOLTTRON™ Goes to School
September, 2020

A PNNL website feature article that discusses the use of VOLTTRON™ in a project at Pennsylvania State University. 

PNNL Device Monitors Energy, Maximizes Utility Usage
December, 2018
External News

KNDU-TV report outlines VOLTTRON™ capabilities and potential for managing the energy use of devices in homes and buildings.

PNNL's VOLTTRON™ Goes Way Beyond Building Energy Management
October, 2018
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An article chronicles VOLTTRON™'s  evolution as a cybersecure platform offering new analysis and management solutions. Featured in T&D World and EC&M.

ORNL Model House Works on Efficiency
September, 2018
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WUOT radio takes us into a home in a Knoxville, TN, where VOLTTRON™ and other technologies are being deployed and tested.

Open Software, Open Hardware, and Open Minds
September, 2018

An article highlighting futuristic advances in building technologies, including VOLTTRON™, that could change the nature of buildings and how they interact with the grid and occupants. The article includes information about the Eclipse Foundation and its role in managing VOLTTRON™.

Why the DOE Needs Blockchain to Secure the Grid
October, 2017
External News

Greentech Media reports on DOE efforts to develop blockchain cybersecurity technology, which includes use of a keyless signature infrastructure in concert with the VOLTTRON™ platform.

The Edge of VOLTTRON’s Sword
August, 2017
External News

SES Consulting Inc's Brad White and Nigel David describe the VOLTTRON platform and the advantages of open source.