Distributed Energy Resources

VOLTTRON enables effective, secure coordination of distributed energy resources, including solar generation and batteries

VOLTTRON™ generates powerful outcomes for distributed energy resources (DERs), buildings and the grid! The technology enables effective, secure coordination of DERs, including wind and solar generation and battery storage, with building energy loads and the power system. This offers significant new flexibility to the grid and supports large-scale DER integration, benefitting everyone from building owners and managers to power system operators, utilities, energy services providers and consumers.

With VOLTTRON™, data, devices and decisions connect seamlessly and securely based on user needs and preferences.

VOLTTRON™ Overcomes the Obstacles

Consumers like the concept of using clean, green energy, but it’s estimated that only a small portion—about seven percent—of the nation’s power supply comes from wind, solar and other renewable sources. Part of the problem is the intermittent nature of wind and solar, which poses operational challenges for the grid and hinders broader use of renewables. VOLTTRON™—and buildings—are part of the solution. VOLTTRON™ helps coordinate building energy loads and DER output, lending a hand to grid flexibility and reliability.

A Force for Coordination

The VOLTTRON™ software platform and associated V-agent applications perform monitoring, data collection and analysis in building and DER systems and devices, producing actionable information that controls and streamlines the integration of clean energy and battery power in building and grid operations.