Building Operations and Efficiency

It’s a solution to build on! VOLTTRON™ enables secure, efficient management of a wide range of building-related functions, including heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems, electric vehicles, distributed energy resources, or even whole building loads. Building owners, management firms, energy services vendors and others are applying this versatile technology to maximize building performance and energy-efficient operations.

With VOLTTRON™, data, devices and decisions connect seamlessly and securely based on user needs and preferences.

The Case for VOLTTRON™ in Buildings

Homes and buildings use a lot of energy, often inefficiently. The federal government estimates that structures account for approximately 40 percent of the nation’s total primary energy consumption. Many buildings are designed to support efficiency features that reduce energy consumption for heating, lighting, hot water and other functions. However, these features often are not fully deployed. VOLTTRON™ addresses this deficiency and helps make buildings more efficient while ensuring overall functionality and minimizing impacts at the service level.  

The Answer for Improved Performance and Efficiency

The VOLTTRON™ software platform and associated V-agent applications perform monitoring, data collection and analysis in devices and building systems, producing actionable information that streamlines control and implementation of energy- and cost-saving measures.