VOLTTRON Security Features Report Updated
June, 2017
Internal News

PNNL has released an update to the report on VOLTTRON security features. The report describes how the VOLTTRON philosophy 1) secures the external interfaces of the platform, 2) secures the inner workings of the platform, 3) secures the interface between the platform and underlying operating systems, 4) secures the underlying operating system and reduces the attack surface, and 5) recommends security requirements for underlying hardware. It also outlines the threat model and identifies best practices for securing building control networks.

VOLTTRON! (With two Ts)
May, 2017
External News

Ken Sinclair describes VOLTTRON and the history behind the name.

Study eyes how to get buildings, grid to talk
January, 2017
External News

Article highlights University of Toledo and Case Western University use of VOLTTRON as part of the Clean Energy and Transactive Campus project, led by PNNL.

Being grateful and going green at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
November, 2016
External News

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory director, Steven Ashby, pens Thanksgiving-themed article that highlights VOLTTRON.

VOLTTRON 4.0 Released
October, 2016
Internal News

Applications and commands have been broken out, the Configuration Store was updated for dynamic updates to agent configurations, and the VOLTTRON configuration wizard allows for more agent setups.

September, 2016
External News

The Rochester Institute of Technology recaps the VOLTTRON-using project developed by Lourdes Gutierrez and Priyank Kapadia.

Alexa, how much water am I using?
August, 2016
External News

GeekWire's Clare McGrane captures the technologies developed as part of the DOE/PNNL Connected Buildings Challenge. Teams used VOLTTRON to create innovative IoT solutions to increase building and/or home energy efficiency.

PNNL saving energy, money through innovation
July, 2016
External News

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory director Steven Ashby discusses VOLTTRON and it's ability to manage energy consumption in real time, in response to price signals communicated via the power grid.

VOLTTRON and the “Grid Edge” Tech Showcase
July, 2016
External News

The CleanTech Alliance highlights the upcoming Connected Buildings Challenge, which will be held at the Smart Buildings Center in Seattle, on August 3, 2016.

VOLTTRON 3.5 Released
May, 2016
Internal News

This release candidate is the culmination of development efforts since the release of 3.0. It is being released as a candidate to give the community a chance to explore the new capabilities and changes to existing features before it becomes the new main (master) branch. Additionally, RC1 will be utilized in PNNL's campus deployment to verify stability.